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Tax, Accounting and Outsourced CFO Services to Create the Life You Want

Gresham Financial provides tax, accounting and outsourced CFO (chief financial officer) services — but we’re more than just your accountant. We follow a highly personalized approach that treats each client as an individual. Together, we’ll look at your financial history and your long-term goals so you can create a better future. 

We all have dreams for our lives, and most of us need savings to make those dreams come true. CFOs also have business goals and milestones that demand continual, strategic growth over time. We care personally about our clients, and we want to help you reach those objectives. Our proactive tax planning and consulting services help individuals, business owners and executives not only save money, but also transform their lives.

Personal and Business Tax Services

Gresham Financial provides fast, accurate tax preparation services with your financial future in mind. We personalize our approach to each client, and our industry expertise is second to none. With proactive tax planning, you can stop overpaying on your tax returns, start saving and get ahead of the game. 

Our tax services include:

Outsourced Chief Financial Officer Services

We’re more than just your accountant. We’re also your strategic business partner, trusted advisor and the head coach of your professional “dream team.” We’ll help your business save money and make smart investments so you can reach your long-term goals. Have needs beyond accounting? Our network of trusted professionals, from bankers to mortgage lenders, can help you build a business your way.

Our CFO services include:

  • Client contract negations for maximizing long-term contract value.
  • Acting as liaison between third parties such as banks, attorneys, vendors and insurance agents.
  • Merger and acquisition assistance, as well as exit-strategy creation for shareholders.
  • Review and negotiation of insurance policies.
  • Gross profit evaluation and optimization.
  • Increasing sales via bonus and incentive plans.
  • Analysis of equipment, purchases, expansions, etc.
  • Assistance with raising capital and obtaining loans from financial institutions.
  • Monthly high-level review of prior month’s financials.
  • Key Performance Indicators development and reporting.
  • Developing accounting department’s standard operating procedures.